The Dell Precission M is a powerful mobile computer with Thanks for the article. Please, switch off ad blockers. Regarding case one can refer to the review of the Dell Latitude E or the Precision M in nearly all aspects. I used my swiss army knife.

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Use some object to keep it upright, in the middle.

ASUS M Battery Replacement

Dell Precision M Outdoor. Thanks to docking port on the bottom side of the notebook the M can also be enhanced by further interfaces. Weighing only about 2. Please, switch off ad blockers. On the contrary, a powerful complete system is demanded, which also includes further hardware components, e.

Thanks to an option for upgrading to a 9 cell battery and for an optional supplement multibay battery, the Precision M can also turn into a long running notebook. We recorded a maximum of about Nevertheless, these two speakers are quite useful for undemanding background music.

Laptop Keyboard For ASUS M2400 HB Hebrew/SD Sweden K001762I1 04-N801KHEB0 K001762J1 04-N801KSWD0

Typing aus very comfortablebut personal preferences have a big influence in this aspect. Depending on the type of the service contract this upgrade can cost up to I assume the wire is for the antenna. If you frequently switch between mobile and stationary operation, the docking interface can play its strength.


Typical Dell, the Precision M can also be ordered with a ashs of other hard drive models ranging from cheaper, but, also slightly slower rpm models up to SSDs, which are insusceptible to shocks.

Please share our article, every link counts! Even assu maximum resolution of x Pixel and on high details, Fraps recorded permanentely 30 fps when we had a peek at the demo.


I just bought a laptop for my parents with no integrated wireless. Install the necessary drivers and enjoy! The measured black value, i. Called Dell Control Point is eases working with this notebook. The result m22400 the Cinebench R10 benchmark testwhich especially examines the OpenGL shadingis clearly better. According to our measurements the weak point of this panels is its maximum contrast.

1 GB memory upgrade for ASUS M | NotebookReview

Beware of the band cable connecting the keyboard to the motherboard. There is a metallic knob at the bottom of the keyboard, that has to fit into the hole to the left of the mini-pci slot. The 54 millimetre ExpressCard slot is still on the right side of the case while the SD-Card reader is now on the front. The touchpad had a surface with good gliding properties and a throughout good responsiveness. In our test we recorded a maximum noise level of Considering the viewing angle stability this LED panel has a rather big stable area of operation in horizontal direction.


Thanks for the article.

It convinces not only by its ergonomical shape, but, also by its good responsiveness. The right end of the panel can then be raised slightly, and the panel can be pushed slightly to the right, and then raised.

The Dell Precission M is a powerful mobile computer with We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

The keyboard can now be lifted up and turned upside down towards yourself. There is no doubt that graphics performance is not the only important aspect for a workstation like the Precision M Many thanks to the company Planet Notebookasuz kindly provided us with the test sample.