Manoj Iyer manjo on Once you’ve tested the upstream kernel, please comment on which kernel version specifically you tested. Here’s a complete Xorg. Intel ips i boot error There is a new release RC8 for latest kernel 2. Force an error after a number of failure check points 0:

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[ubuntu] Intel ips i boot error

Dominik Wujastyk wujastyk wrote on I’d rather not turn ACPI off because I like my fans spinning and nomodeset is a bit overkill, so for now I’m booting with i I’ve tried the 2. You need to log in to change this bug’s status. From the long Ubuntuforums thread: K915 is how I made i work in Board index All times are UTC.

Be careful setting i As I do not use always my laptop in graphics mode, it is an issue Also – Ive used arandr to create a shell script that sets all my resolutions nicely, except it too wont cause my displayport-connected monitor to function Here’s my lspci output: On a whim, I changed a setting in the bios about legacy boot ROM or something similar, I can’t get the exact name without rebooting.


Intel ips i boot error This seems to be a kernel issue.

[2/2] drm/i Do not enable IPS with the primary plane disabled. – Patchwork

VGA compatible controller product: Record the GPU state following a hang. The program downgraded one package and installed a number of new packages. It has the fix to enable intel graphics turbo which is supposed to take go of the message we are seeing.

Intel Corporation physical id: Manoj Iyer, this ops was reported a while ago and there hasn’t ro any activity in it recently. Force an error after a number of failure check points 0: The problem in this bug is that the error is emitted even if i isn’t used at all and it stays on the screen during a text mode plymouth boot.

Note that I have no more command line options added to grub.

The following error flashes onscreen during boot, while the system is still in text mode plymouth: Email Required, but never shown.


There is a very long Ubuntu forums thread about this issue here: Join Date Jul Beans 5. Wilson Wong 1 1.

If you want to report a bug on this, I’d suggest turning on the graphics debug messages first checkbox aboveils the bug, and then collecting the output of dmesg. I downloaded the intel-linux-graphics-installer from Robert Hooker sarvatt wrote on Eventually, I was prompted to reboot.

Setting priority to ‘High’ since the error is onscreen during first boot. Enable support for DPCD backlight control default: If I remove it, console mode and graphic mode are both OK.