February 24, at 9: Try to connect the line directly to the modem, i. This is the mode set by BSNL fellows. I got it working in the first attempt! I an unable to forward port. Restart the browser and start browsing the net.

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TechnologyTips n Tricks. September 18, at 7: Posted by Manoj Bhat on February 9, I have a similar problem as shiny. Please pour in your queries as comments.

Using the Bsnl UTStarcom WA3002g4 wireless TYPE-IV ADSL broadband modem router outside India

If i disable NAT and firewall,i get my wi-fi. However Beetel is selling this model in open market also. How to get 4mbps speed sundaram February 26, at 1: Check the configuration of modem. But there is no internet connection or modem automatically restart February 10, at 4: Twitter Updates Twitter Updates follow me bsjl Twitter.


utstarcom modem confi

A very user friendly web interface facilitates easy configuration for any broadband connections. The physical push button helps easy WPS setup.

So please can help me on this. October 30, at This router supports latest Wi. I an unable to forward port.

But when i am trying to connect to wi-fi thru a mobile or tablet, the modem is being detected, my ssid name is recognised. My blog doesnt have a name. Thanks for the detailed procedure. I tried following utstardom steps provided by you but I am in an utter fix.

U costs around Rs 1. My parents are thinking of applying for one-might need your help later if you’re in Saligrama Why I can’t able to disable the Firewall? How to get 4mbps speed sundaram. Other features include Four Ethernet ports, Inbuilt firewall, easy web based configuration etc.

Other features include Wi. This router costs around Rs 1.

Using the Bsnl UTStarcom WA3002g4 wireless TYPE-IV ADSL broadband modem router outside India

How to disable it? September 17, utstsrcom 9: But when i enable NAT i am facing problems with utorrent port forwarding. What is this error.


Next you will be getting a series of windows, described below irrespective of whether you click add or edit. Please read it bbsnl try the methods mentioned there.

Fi standards like IEEE 8. N Router is Rs 1.